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arduino peripherals

This is where to find some examples of how to connect peripherals to the arduino micro-controller (eg LCD displays) and some simple code to get them working.

arduino notes

Just some notes and observations about the arduino and its peripherals.

html5 and css3

Clicking on this takes you to a page giving access to the code for a simple site constructed using only html5 and css3. This may be of help to others like me who want to learn a little html5 and css3 coding.

free web hosts

Trying out some free web hosting sites.

Welcome to eddie bird's website.

A simple site about the Arduino and its peripherals.

Built using only html5, css3 and open source software.

This website is a project of mine to learn a little about using the arduino micro-controller at the same time learning a bit about creating a website in html5 and css3. It has been constructed entirely with an open source operating system and programs. The intention is for the site to be fairly minimalist, but with a little colour.

uno image
The Arduino Uno R3 micro-controller.

The arduino uno pictured left is the basic unit that I work with on this site. I do all my prototyping with a genuine arduino R3 so that anyone who follows the same steps should get the same result (hopefully).

After development I often move the project to an arduino "nano" or "pro-mini" version, as they are smaller and cheaper.

What is the arduino?

To quote the arduino website: "Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software".

I won't expand on that, for more details go to their website - there's a link in the sidebard of this page. What I will add though is that I've found the arduino to be good fun to work with. Sometimes projects don't work straight away, but there's plenty of help on the web.

Please note that this is not an official Arduino website in any sense. It is merely an enthusiast's modest effort.

the story so far

October 6th 2014:

"free web hosts" page added.

July 2nd 2014:

eddiebird.co.uk updated to new layout.

June 22nd 2014:

new format with 3 column home page.

April 22nd 2014:

outline of current site created.

Mar 2nd 2014:

Site updated. arduino pages replace wiki.

Feb 19th 2014:

433MHz transmitter and receiver added to arduino page.

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