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About this site

The arduino content on this site is added by me to help other beginners. I do not pretend to write it as an expert, but merely to share my experience experimenting with the arduino which I hope will be of help to others in getting the arduino and its available peripherals running. Some of the content is very simple and perhaps obvious to some but maybe less so to the beginner. Also no one wants to spend money on the wrong parts or get something that they can't get working. I've found that once I can get something working (i.e. a 2 line LCD display to show something) no matter how simple or basic, then I can usually go on from there to something more advanced or integrated into my own projects. If something suddenly stops working unexpectedly when experimenting, then backtrack to the last working configuration - and try again!

I intend to add to the site regularly whenever I have something worth adding and will also try to keep the site up-to-date and correct any errors I become aware of. However, whilst I will take every care I cannot of course guarantee that everything will be correct and your experiences may be different to mine. (For example - suppliers may change the modules they supply or the type and my notes may no longer be accurate).

I will say that I've only recently returned to tinkering with electronics and find the arduino (although things - as always - can be frustrating if they don't work) an absolute joy to work with.

More about this website

This website is written entirely in HTML5 and CSS3 as far as I know. ( which is not very far at all ).

All photos on this website are my own.

Drawn up on a Desktop PC and laptop running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64 bit.*

Text editor : Geany 1.24.1

Photo editor : GIMP 2.8.

FTP client : Filezilla 3.8.1

Tested in Chromium 34, Firefox 28, Opera 12.16, Epiphany 3.4.1, Midori 0.5.8

All the software used on the website or in it's preparation is available free on the web. Most of it is also open-source, Opera for instance is not.

Fonts used on this site are mainly "Cantarell-Regular.ttf" and "LiberationMono-Regular.ttf". These and many other good fonts can be downloaded for free from Fontsquirrel.

* I'm not a fan of the Unity GUI that comes with Ubuntu, so I have installed the classic Gnome 2 interface. This is not a criticism, just the advantage of the choice that you have with Ubuntu and with Linux in general.