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Arduino and peripherals

The following programs and connection descriptions are made as simple and clear as possible so that you may hopefully get unfamiliar components and peripherals working as quickly and easily as possible.

LCD1602 2 line by 16 character display.

The LCD1602 is a 2 line by 16 character, backlit LCD display that can be picked up quite cheaply for around £3 on amazon.co.uk (sometimes less), even cheaper on ebay.co.uk.

The model I bought came with a Hitachi44780 driver chip (many of them do) but no serial interface. Here is how I connected it up:-.

Go to LCD1602 page.

I find these displays very useful, once running they are quite straightforward to program and are very useful for displaying data from an arduino of most types when not connected to a PC.

433MHz RF Transmitter and receiver.

Easy to connect up modules that can be used to create a one-way wireless link between two arduinos. These can be picked up cheaply on the web - 99p + free postage on ebay. Claimed range is up to 200m. The transmitter I received was marked FS1000A and XY-FST and I believe it is the same or very similar to MX-FS-05. The receiver was marked XY-MK-05 and is the same or similar to the MX-05V.

It's the first time I've used them, click on the link here to see a simple guide to connecting and testing them:-

Go to 433MHz RF transmitter and receiver page.

I'm currently using a pair of these with the transmitter outdoors sending temperature and humidity data to the indoor receiver.

Adding a Serial interface to the 2004 LCD.

These 20 character by 4 line LCD backlit displays can also be picked up cheap. Most if not all seem to use the Hitachi HD44780 chip. Most also come with little or no data or instructions.

Some come with a small I2C Serial interface board mounted on the back but some do not. Some I bought did not (my mistake - check what your're getting before hitting the "buy" button).

Go to Adding a Serial interface to 2004LCD page.

Without the Serial interface something like 12 connections need to be made to the 2004LCD, but with a serial interface fitted only 4 connections are required. The Serial interfaces can be picked up for about £2-50 on ebay but note that they do require soldering in place.

Arduino Pro Mini and the CP2102 USB2.0 to TTL UART 6Pin module serial converter.

I bought an Arduino Pro Mini (5V model) recently, with the intention of moving completed projects (where suitable) on to it after prototyping on the Arduino Uno. However I didn't do much research (i.e. none) and when the Pro Mini arrived I realised it did not have a USB port (yes I know - like derrrrrr).

Anyway, the solution was to get the above mentioned serial converter and connect it to the Pro Mini. The model I chose is one of the cheaper options ( they are quite pricey from Sparkfun ). Looking around the web I could see that many users had trouble getting it to work. These are the connections that worked for me:-

Go to the CP2102 connection page.

Just for info, I've been using the Pro Mini (much cheaper and smaller than a Uno) for 4 months now to turn on some outdoor LED's at dusk using a photo-resistor to sense light levels and an RTC (Real time clock) to turn them off at a preset time - and so far it is working faultlessly.

Click on this link to see the CP2102 I bought from Amazon:-

CP2102 USB2.0 to TTL UART 6Pin module serial converter