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A basic html5 - css3 website.

Click on the link below to go to a basic html5 and css3 website example. I've created this website to hopefully aid others in understanding the basics of creating a website using just html5 and css3 with a text editor and ftp client. I'm a beginner myself who found many of the textbooks on creating websites a little limited, I'm hoping this example of a website will give newbies something they can load up in their favourite text editor to experiment with and learn.

Click on this link to see the website:-


The code for the website can be downloaded from its own "download" page.

Apologies for any errors or glitches, but whilst I'll take every care to keep things accurate, I cannot take responsibility for any errors.


I may in due course make the html5/css3 code for eddiebird.co.uk available for others to examine or play with.

As yet I'm still developing it as I learn about html5/css3 and as a result the code is still incomplete, rough and untidy.

In the meantime I'll keep a little log here of changes/improvements to the site.

June 27th 2014:

Last selected item on menu is now highlighted (yellow text on blue background).

May 28th 2014:

new format with 3 column home page.

April 22nd 2014:

outline of current site created.

Useful links:

HTML5 introduction:-


CSS3 introduction:-


CSS3 info:-


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